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Custom Masonry

Custom Masonry, Riverside, CA Whether you are an architect, an engineer, a homeowner, a designer, or a builder, you most certainly prefer custom masonry because of its promised durability, affordability, and beauty. However, these qualities are still dependent on the people working on the masonry job.

Various Masonry Applications

Custom masonry is not just any type of construction. It has been a timeless form of art since ancient times. The fascinating old structures from the Pyramids of Egypt to the Greek Temples were all constructed using this technique. In modern times, this can be used for various applications like:

  • Fences. Forget about the wooden fence. It's time for more beautiful and timeless fences made out of natural stones and bricks.
  • Walls. Why settle for a lifeless wall if it can be a classic mural made out of natural stones, bricks, concrete blocks, or veneers.
  • Retaining walls. Soil can be stylishly controlled with such walls. But retaining walls are testaments of your sense of style that can go well with the beautiful landscape.
  • Steps. Whether long or short, steps can easily attract attention. They have to be worth the attention without compromising primary function.
  • Walkways/pathways. Steps, walkways and pathways are important and noticeable elements of a landscape. They must be attractive and, at the same time, durable.
  • Decorative columns. No need to buy expensive statues if you've got columns that are so beautiful. If created by expert masons, they can be great decorations.
Please take a look at our portfolio, and, there, you can see more of our custom masonry works - from areas as large as driveways to elements as small as claddings and veneers. These are just some of our completed works for our various clients from Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Diego counties.

Our Advantage

We are not the only company offering masonry services in California. But, of course, we are confident that our good qualities will make us stand out from the competition.

Here are some of the reasons why a lot of clients have already trusted our company when it comes to masonry jobs:

  • Certified masons. Only companies that hire certified masons can rightfully offer custom masonry services. These are very delicate jobs that only experts who have undergone intensive education and training can perform. That's why we never ever let just any of our men handle such projects but only those with certifications.
  • Tools, devices, and equipment. Since masonry is a high-end job, it can never be performed by our people alone. That's why we have invested in complete equipment, devices, and tools necessary for a top-notch service.
  • Experience. Our company has been in the construction industry for years, making us one of the most reputable firms in the area.
  • Materials. Besides competent men and state-of-the-art tools, custom masonry works also require the highest quality of materials. Our company has a healthy partnership with the most reputable suppliers of veneers, concrete blocks, pavers, natural stones, and bricks in the country.
  • Satisfied clientele. Our company is proud to have countless satisfied clients in Riverdale and across California. Call us and we will provide you with a long list of references.

Expert in Custom Works

It's wise to invest in custom masonry. But it is always wiser to pick a company that can surely render the best work. That's Excel Pavers & Masonry.

For more details of our custom works, you can fill out our online inquiry form, call us, or visit our office in Canyon Crest, Riverside, California.

Browse photos of the custom masonry work we have completed, showing our expertise with materials like concrete masonry blocks, natural stone, and brick. These images highlight our creativity and quality craftsmanship in each unique project. See retaining walls gracefully terracing landscapes, elegant fire pits encircled with natural stone, and decorative concrete block designs building stunning accent walls. Notice the variety of textures, patterns, and colors we can integrate through our relationships with top suppliers. Our installation team constructs these features neatly and securely, ensuring they withstand the elements for decades. Their attention to detail is on full display in these photos. You can also witness firsthand our crews' experience and dedication to every job site. These pictures represent our capabilities, elevating residential and commercial properties with custom masonry work. We welcome the opportunity to discuss translating your vision into reality. Our company aims to build you a space as distinctive and enduring as these previous projects you see here.
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