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Finishing Touches

In any design it's the little details that are the most important. The ones that show the thought and sophistication put into an idea. This is no less important in planning your outdoor landscaping and thankfully, Belgard offers curb pavers and hardscape edging pavers that will complement your driveway, patio, walking paths and more. Browse our hardscape edging, paver sealers and paver cleaners to learn how we can help you put the finishing touches on your hardscape project.

Regardless of how well-planned and installed outdoor features are, the only way to turn them into head turners is to focus on immaculate finishing touches. The difference between an ordinary outdoor space and an extraordinary one often comes down to finishing touches. At Excel Masonry Outdoors, we specialize in refinements and details that take a landscape from acceptable to exceptional, and this is how we approach each project:

  • Once the functional structures like patios, walls, and walkways are in place, we add unique elements like decorative curbing, columns, customized edging, and accent lighting.

  • Carefully placed finishing features line steps and paths for safety while accentuating architectural features.

  • Decorative stone and concrete edging are elegant against planted beds, stairs, and pools.

  • Custom curbing forms fluid shapes guiding foot traffic naturally across the space.

Masonry Cleaning and Finishing

We also offer specialized masonry restoration and cleaning using top professional-grade products. Over time, hardscapes like walls, pavers, and concrete can develop efflorescence, mold, mildew, and staining from moisture, plants, and weather exposure. Our experts can restore discolored surfaces to like-new beauty and apply penetrating sealants to protect them from future damage.

The craftsmanship and experience involved in our finishing services ensure integrated enhancements that complete the design vision. A space is only truly finished when thoughtful details surround and connect the functional structures.

From material selection, edging design, and installation to drainage, sealants, and power washing, our systematic approach to finishes allows your outdoor oasis to fulfill its full potential. We are committed to providing our clients with excellent value, which comes from a detailed approach, top-quality products and materials, and superb installation.

Contact us today to discuss elevating your landscape with our specialized finishing services and solutions. You can call us at 951-543-5920 or email us through this Online Form.

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